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Castle of Terror - a word from its author

Michael Lambert has gone to great lenghts to track down Grahame Willis, author of Castle of Terror. After calling up a dozen people who weren't the right person, Michael managed to find him. I'm very grateful for his perseverance! Read on to see Grahame's insights into the game that have given many of us sleepless nights!


You have completed the adventure!

There are no other exits and you cannot kill the Count with a wooden stake as there is no such object - the message about the bat and the wooden stake was deliberately suggestive so as to invite addiction (I was a sadistic bastard in those days - some say I've not changed!)

For those who said you could break the spear and use that - they're dreaming!

As for the point score, points are obtained from certain actions and deducted for other actions, so even though you've finished, the score may not be as high as you would like.

Some of the positive scoring actions are :
Getting the soup,
Moving the sack,
Unlocking the wheel,
Lowering the drawbridge
Knocking on the door
Opening the door with the key
Helping the villagers (Digging in the field)
Helping them again and again
Waiting in the Inn
Getting the book (and putting it back)
Lighting and Extinguishing the candle
Pressing the skull
Killing the Knight [note from Michael: this is not possible]
Rescuing the maiden (obviously!)
Killing the Count (likewise)
Clearing the spider's web
Using the rope to cross the pit

Some negative scoring actions are:
Climbing the ladder
Trying to pass the Knights
Being bitten by the spider
Falling into the dungeon
Breaking your toe
Eating the food
Fighting the knight (when not well armed/protected)
Being killed by the knight (though the points are pointless once you're dead)

I have a nasty suspicion that you've done all of this and found that 290 might just be impossible anyway - I can't remember!

Sorry to disappoint :)



So, this would appear to be the end of it. After all this waiting and all the futile efforts, we finally learn the horrible truth!