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Keith Campbell - A tribute

Keith died of cancer on 23 August 2006 and will be missed by us all.  I have only just learned of his death and whilst it is so late in the day to report this news, I feel compelled to write a few words about my friend, Keith Campbell.

Keith as we all know was the premier Adventure Game journalist and his columns in C&VG brought many to the past time, such was the quality of his writing and the passion for the game play.

Keith's column quickly became the most read and influential part of C&VG.  The influx of new games and questions from adventurers stuck in one of the many games of the time lead Keith to require assistants so that his readership could be better served.

Keith asked Paul Copping, an adventuring genius, and a young lad (me) to help him out and over the three years I worked alongside Keith we became firm friends. 

The C&VG stand at the PCW show at Olympia was always well attended and the Adventure Team had our own booth which was a hotbed of fun for everyone involved.  Keith enjoyed meeting his public and was always enthusiastic never more so than when the great Scott Adams attended the show.

I have many memories of Keith and I will write some copy for Jacob in celebration of the great man.

Keith, I miss you.

Your Martini Drinking Helpline Helper.

Simon Marsh
September 2008, London