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Games - English (5928 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
'EE's Lost his Marbles Powerfist 1993 English Solution, Map
+= 3 David M. Baggett 1994 English
007: Aqua Base American Software Design & Distribution 1982 English
1 Line Cave Adventure Digital Prawn, Einar Saukas 2007 English Solution, Map
1-2-3... Chris Mudd 2000 English Solution
10 Cave Adventure Einar Saukas 2016 English
100,000 Years Pierre Chevalier 2013 English
12 Lost Souls Len Townsend 1987 English
12:54 to Asgard, The J. Robinson Wheeler 2010 English Solution
1893: A World's Fair Mystery Peter Nepstad 2003 English
1942 Mission CCS 1985 English Solution
2001½ - A Space Idiot Microtech Systems 1986 English
2002: A Space Oddity A&B Computing 1986 English Solution
2003: A Space Oddity DK'Tronics 1984 English
2010: The Text Adventure Game Coleco 1984 English Solution, Map
2044 Space Troopers Angus R. McLaren 1994 English Solution
2112 George K. Algire 2001 English Solution
2112 ? 1980 English
221b Baker Street Datasoft, IntelliCreations 1986 English Solution
23:15 Jon Ripley info 2005 English Solution
25 ? 1998 English
2604 Admiral Jota 2001 English Solution, Map
32K Universe, A Viking (BBC/Electron) 1989 English Solution
4 Mile Island Adventure Owls Nest Software 1983 English Solution
4K Adventure John Metcalf 1995 English Solution, Map
6 Keys of Tangrin, The Microtanic, Tansoft info, Tansoft Gazette 1981 English
666 The Haunted House Cristian Hofsetz, Guilherme Castro 1987 English Solution, Map
69,105 Keys David Welbourn 2009 English Solution
9:05 Adam Cadre info 2000 English Solution
98769765 Adam Biltcliffe 2003 English Solution, Map
9Lives InformStorm 2013 English
A.R.V. Simon A. S. Brislin, Steven James Hodgson info, Tim A. Wiser 1992 English
A3 Peter Langston info 1977 English
Aandark Falsoft 1987 English
Aandark II Falsoft 1988 English
AAS Masters Adam Biltcliffe, Stephen Granade 2003 English Solution, Map
Aayela Magnus Olsson 1996 English Solution
Abbey of Montglane, The Art LaFrana 1993 English Solution
Abduction David B. Taylor info 2015 English
Abington ? ? English
Abominable Snowman, The Graftex Software 1989 English
Abominable Snowmen, The WGames 1984 English Solution, Map
Absolute Worst IF Game in History, The Dean Menezes 2008 English
Absolution Guild, The info ? English Solution
Abyss, The Challenge, Infocom info 1989 English
Abyssal Zone, The Salty Software 1984 English Solution
Accuse David A. Wheeler 2007 English
Ace in the H.O.L.E. Kayde Software info 1983 English Solution
Acheton Acornsoft info, Topologika info 1978 English Solution, Map, Clue sheet
Acid Whiplash Ryan Stevens 1998 English Solution