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Games - English (5163 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Caves of Skull, The Dream World Adventures 1995 English Solution, Hints
Caves of the Orb Andrew Key info 1986 English
Caves, The Michael K. Bonnycastle ? English
CC Mikko Vuorinen 1998 English Solution
Cell of the Ridges Graham Burtenshaw ? English
Cells and Serpents ASP Software 1983 English
Celtic Carnage Zenobi Software info 1993 English Solution
Cenric Family Curse, The Jonathan Snyder 2013 English Solution, Map
CERCLA Jeffrey Robinson 1993 English Solution
Cerulean Stowaway Roger Descheneaux 2003 English
Chalice of Mostania, The Coastal Software 1985 English Solution
Challenge of Iythus, The Creative Juices 1988 English Solution, Hints
Challenge, The River Software 1988 English Solution
Chambers of Xenobia Avant-Garde Creations 1981 English Solution
Chameleon Key, The Dream World Adventures 1994 English Solution
Champion of Destiny Games Workshop ? English
Champions of Krynn SSI 1990 English Solution, Map
Chancellor Kevin Venzke 2005 English Hints
Change in the Weather, A Andrew Plotkin 1995 English Solution
Changeling, The M. J. Gearing 1984 English Solution
Channel Surfing Mike Vollmer 2008 English Solution
Chaos Shay Caron 1999 English
Chaos In Space! Richard Kelly 2002 English
Chaos Maze, The Len Townsend 1992 English
Chasing, The Anssi Räisänen 2001 English Solution, Map
Chasm Capers ? ? English Solution
Chateau Gaillard Ballantine Books 1983 English
Cheating Death Adam Biltcliffe 2003 English Solution, Map
Cheer Up Sam Thursfield 2003 English Solution, Map
Cheiron Elisabeth Polli, Sarah Clelland 2005 English
Chelsea of the South Sea Rihannon Software 1984 English
Chicago Activision, Ram Jam Corporation, The 1986 English
Chicken and Egg Adam Thornton 1998 English
Chicken Under the Window, The Lucian Paul Smith 1998 English Solution
Chicken! Gunther Schmidl 1998 English Solution, Map
Chicken's Dilemma Jason Dyer 1998 English
Chickens of Distinction Liza Daly 1998 English
Chicks Dig Jerks Robb Sherwin 1999 English
Child Murderer, The Nodtronics 1994 English Solution, Hints
Chillervilla Guild, The 1993 English Solution
Chinese Box Mystery, The Tony Rome 2012 English Solution, Map
Chinese Puzzle Atari Program Exchange 1981 English
Chinese Room, The Harry Giles, Joey Jones 2007 English
Chips Are Forever Futuresoft 1989 English Solution
Chiropodist in Hell Budgie UK 1990 English
Christian Text Adventure #1 Newlife Software 1986 English Solution
Christmas Adventure or How Hitler Tried to Steal Christmas David B. Taylor info 2014 English
Christmas Adventure, A Little Softie 1983 English
Christmas Eve Nightmare, A ? ? English
Christmas Party, The OldGrover 2007 English