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Games - Microbee (24 results)

The Microbee was a Z80-based Australian computer, launched in 1982 by a company called Applied Technology. Around 1985 the company was renamed Microbee Systems. This went under in 1990. In recent years, the Microbee brand has been resurrected and is now owned by Microbee Technology.
They released software under their Microworld and Honeysoft publishing arms.

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Title Company Year Language Documents
Briney Deep, The M. Osbourne 1985 English
Broadey Manor ? ? English
Bunyip Adventure Grotnik info 1984 English
Colossal Cave ? ? English
Egyptian Adventure ? ? English
Escape in 3D Honeysoft info 1984 English
Estate of Doom ? ? English
Explorer Adventure AUSBUG ? English
Eye of Min Honeysoft info ? English
Goldmine AUSBUG ? English
Haunted House Beebug Magazine ? English
High Mountains, The Personal Computer News 1984 English
Island Adventure Honeysoft info 1985 English
Jeksil's Revenge John Maling 1985 English
Jewels of Sancara Island Matthew Hall ? English
Lost Island ? ? English
Merlin Dreamcards info 1983 English
Museum Mystery, The Honeysoft info ? English
Pogog Manor Honeysoft info 1983 English
Ring of Doom Bergsala, Microworld info 1983 English
Sabre of Sultar, The Honeysoft info ? English
Star-Bores ? 1988 English
Temple of Azragor, The Honeysoft info ? English
Underworld of Kin Digital Concepts Computer Enterprises, Ozisoft 1983 English Solution