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Games - SAM Coupé (18 results)

The SAM Coupé was a niche British 8-bit computer released by Miles Gordon Technology in 1989. As well as adventure games created specifically for the machine, SAM adventurers were also able to play ZX Spectrum text adventures.

The SAM Coupé Adventure Club produced a regular disc-based magazine, with reviews, articles & free games (including many Spectrum games 'tweaked' to use the additional features of the SAM).

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Brios and the Paladin Dennis Francombe 1997 English
Day Dream Eureka Software 1992 English
Days of Sorcery Persona info 1992 English
Epicentre FRED info 1996 English Solution
Famous Five, The Enigma Variations 1990 English Solution, Map
Flight of Fantasy Sam Coupe Adventure Club 1993 English
Golden Sword of Bhakhor, The Zenobi Software info 1991 English Solution, Hints
Hermitage, The 50/50 Club Software, Guild, The info 1987 English Solution
Murder Mystery ? 1996 English
Occult Connection, The David Munden 1993 English
Sheriff Gunn Axxent Software 1992 English
Smuggler's Haunt David Haire 1995 English
SpamCo Adventure Axxent Software 1992 English
Survive the Night Hydrasoft, Quazar info 2009 English
Thief, The FRED info 1995 English
TrueFaith Elyzium Software 1993 English
Wonderland F9 Software 1995 English
Xplosive - Seek and Destroy Chips-PD 1992 English