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Games - TRS-80 MC-10/Matra Alice (5 results)

The TRS-80 MC-10 was designed as a low-cost computer by Tandy and was released in 1983. Although it shares a great deal with the TRS-80 CoCo it is nether-the-less practically incompatible with the CoCo.

The Matra (or Matra and Hachette) Alice was a French clone of the TRS-80 MC-10 made with the full support of Tandy. It gained popularity by being used in schools.

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Title Company Year Language Documents
Casse-tête dans le Métro Ediciel - Matra - Hachette 1984 French Solution
Caverne des Morlocks, La L'Ordinateur Individuel info, Lago Sistema 1985 French Map
Colossal Cave Adventure Jim Gerrie 2014 English
Dr. Who Adventure James Smith 1982 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Sorcellerie L'Ordinateur Individuel info 1985 French Solution, Fixed game