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Games - CAT (26 results)

The Creative Adventure Toolkit by Philip Richmond. Originally written in AMOS for the Amiga, the system was later ported to PC using Liberty BASIC.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Back to the Future 4 Ray Richardson 1996 English
Birth of the Phoenix Ambrosine ? English
Clear-up in Cloggieland Harold Dixon ? English Solution
Cloak of Darkness Roger Firth 1999 English Solution, Map
Colditz Escape Adventure Probe Software info, Friddsoft info 1990 English
Crystal Keepers Doreen Bardon ? English Solution
Domain of the Shadow Lord Paul A Hardy 1997 English
Even the Devil Must Die Mark Hancox ? English
Exploring ITMUS Adventure Probe Software info 1996 English
Fabled Treasure of Koosar, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Guild, The info 1992 English Solution
Feeding Time Doreen Bardon ? English
Four Dragons Patrick Paglen 2001 English
Gory Story Philip Richmond 1993 English Solution
Great Great Grandfather's Gold Frank Fridd ? English
Hazardous Holiday Philip Richmond 1995 English Solution
Hero For Sorania, A Adventure Probe Software info 1998 English Solution
Legend of Baldork Ray Richardson 1997 English
Museum Mystery Doreen Bardon 2002 English Solution, Hints
Paranormal Palace Philip Richmond ? English Solution
Piggery Jokery Philip Richmond ? English Solution
Return To Jurassic Park Ray Richardson 1996 English
Sands of Egypt, The Ambrosine 2000 English
Shield of Destiny George Rawson 2002 English
Smuggler Friddsoft info ? English
The Sojourner Tim Gibson ? English
Warriors of the Ssorc Tim Gibson ? English