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Games - T/SAL (15 results)

Short for "Thackray/Seal Adventure Language". The central computer of Cambridge University, England, an IBM mainframe usually called "Phoenix" after its operating system, was one of those to receive "Advent" (a.k.a. "Colossal Cave") and "Zork" (a.k.a. "Dungeon") in the late 1970s. Two graduate students, Jon Thackray and David Seal, began a game called "Acheton" in 1978-9: with the aid of Jonathan Partington it expanded for another two years. Possibly the first game written outside America, by 1981 it seems likely that it was also the largest in the world (it has 403 locations). "Acheton" was written with a game assembler contemporary with Infocom's proprietory "ZIL": unlike ZIL, Seal and Thackray's game assembler was available for public use, the public in question being all users of Phoenix c. 1980-95.

Several of these games were ported to the Acorn BBC Micro and released by Acornsoft, these were later re-released in a larger size and for more platforms by Topologika.

See the if archive section for more information, particularly this overview of the games.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Acheton Acornsoft info, Topologika info 1978 English Solution, Map
Avon Topologika info 1982 English Solution
Crobe Jonathan R. Partington info 1986 English Solution, SLAG hints
Fyleet Jonathan R. Partington info 1985 English Solution, SLAG hints
Hamil Acornsoft info, Topologika info 1982 English Solution, Hints
Hezarin Topologika info 1981 English Solution
Murdac Topologika info 1982 English Solution
Nidus Adam Atkinson 1986 English Solution, SLAG hints
Parc John Rennie 1983 English Solution, SLAG hints
Philosopher's Quest Topologika info 1982 English Solution
Quondam Rod Underwood 1980 English
Sangraal Jonathan R. Partington info 1987 English Solution, Map, Hints, SLAG hints
Spycatcher Topologika info 1989 English Solution, Map
Xeno Jonathan Mestel 1989 English Solution, SLAG hints
Xerb Andrew Lipson ? English