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Games - 19 (34 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Adult 1 Simon Avery info ? English Solution, Map
Adventure-Game EDOSP ? German Solution, Map
Africa Kit Allen ? English Solution
Bongo Adrian Busin ? German Solution, Map
Crown ? ? English Solution, Map
Curse of the Azure Bonds SSI ? English Solution, Map
Deathship Robtek ? English Solution
Driftin' and Dreamin' Peter Clark ? English Solution
Exchange ? ? English Solution, Hints
Fantasy Land Cascade Games info ? English Solution, Hints
Goldwood Xcellent Software ? English Solution
Inheritance Eric Toth ? English Solution
Journey Down the Tube, A ? ? English Solution
Jumblanji Peter Clark ? English Solution
Lost City Mountain Valley Software info ? English Solution, Hints
Noach 3000 Radarsoft ? Dutch Solution, Map
Orifice From Outer Space, The Plasma Touch Software ? English Solution, Hints
Paranoids Anonymous Aardvark info ? English Solution
Pharaoh Brian Nash ? English Solution
Public Domain Librarian Blues Justin Thyme ? English Solution
Quest For the Last Baked Bean, The ? ? English Solution
Roog Simon Avery info ? English Solution
Secrets of Ur, The Bill Clews ? English Solution, Hints
Serendipity Dream World Adventures ? English Solution, Hints
Settlement XIII Adventure Workshop, The info, Dream World Adventures ? English Solution
Sir Arthur ? ? English Solution
Smuggler's Inn Mountain Valley Software info ? English Solution, Map
Soupcon of Trouble, A Adventure Probe Software info ? English Solution
Stuck in Space ? ? English Solution
Swordstorm Adventure Probe Software info ? English Solution, Map
Use Your Loaf Guild, The info, RCD Enterprises ? English Solution, Hints
Well, The Edmund J. Spicer ? English Solution
Who Is Gordon Bennet ? ? English Solution, Hints
Yawn ? ? English Solution