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Pirate Adventure - the source code

The December 1980 issue of Byte Magazine contained the full TRS-80 BASIC source code of Pirate Adventure, written by Mr. Scott Adams and his wife Alexis [the game is called Pirate's Adventure in the scans, but seem to be called Pirate Adventure in most other places -ed]. Below you'll find scans (kindly provided by Mr. Bob Whitefield) of the article and program listings. For more information on Scott Adams and Adventure International, please visit Mr. Adams's homepage or Adventureland.

scan1.gif (1473x1977/115.9kb)
scan2.gif (1473x1989/143.9kb)
scan3.gif (1476x2025/123.3kb)
scan4.gif (1474x968/62.1kb)
scan5.gif (1470x1996/102.2kb)
scan6.gif (1482x972/42.4kb)
scan7.gif (1467x2028/80.6kb)
scan8.gif (1497x1422/57.7kb)
scan9.gif (1488x2028/120.3kb)