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Cave Quest: La Terra delle Ragazze-Farfalla - Review

Review by Zuperfaust


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This is the second part of an adventure I played for historic reasons. You can read the game's history in my review of the first part.

About the game story, I invite you to read the synopsis's plot, since there's not much to add here.

Parser/Vocabulary (Rating: 3/10)

The game was done with Tabacco's "BASIC framework" for graphic adventures. The parser is not evoluted at all, it understands verbs in the 1st singular person, and no synonyms.

It is a "guess the right sentence" parser, therefore it reacts only when you guess the right action to do in that place. All other actions give always the same message: "I don't know this sentence." At least it is not as annoying and arrogant as the one in the first part...

Differently from the first part, here examining the environment and objects could give clues.

Other than 'i' (inventory) and 'g' (look room), the parser recognises 16 verbs (one in the reflexive form), 2 "specific sentences," 4 carriable objects, and 14 other objects.

It could happen that the words used in room descriptions are not recognized as objects.

Unfortunately the deprecated verb 'use' is necessary, and used oddly.

Atmosphere (Rating: 4/10)

Here again, the text has been sacrified on the altar of graphics. (I'm not sarcastic here, it was the dawn of a genre per se, and kilobytes were expensive.)
Pictures are nice, but there are some repeated ones.

In this second part, the story takes place in 12 rooms. To move around, you need to type in directions only in the first three rooms. After those, in order to move from location to location, you need to type actions, and you cannot go back to previous rooms.

This gives the player the feeling to be "pushed forward" by the author's plot on a set trail, leaving no freedom to the adventurer but to guess what to do next.

Cruelty (Rating: Polite)

Your dying occurs for logic reasons, that can be avoided on the second occasion.

It is interesting that you can cause King Nagor to die, too!

Puzzles (Rating: 4/10)

The difficulty is to guess the right match of verb and object. In this second part as well, the verb "uso" (use) must be used to solve a puzzle, but it is not integrated well with the situation: other verbs would have been more appropriate in that case.

There is one sentence which is not grammatically correct. I wonder how many poor adventurers would be stuck there.

Overall (Rating: 4/10)

For the "guess the sentence" type of game, novice adventurers should avoid this title, and wait until they have more experience. Adventurers at large, expect much frustration, especially with the ungrammatical sentence.

Pictures made by Hans PiĆ¹ are nice, however, and the historical value of this game could be somehow attractive.