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Only Possible Prom Dress, The

Jim Aikin 2022

Jim Aikin
IF Comp 2022
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Now, about the prom dress. Sam’s little brother Stevie may or may not have spilled the black ink on it deliberately. He claims it was an accident, but it was a pretty unlikely one. You’re planning to sort that out with him later. The problem is, Sam’s date for the prom is the captain of the lacrosse team, and she really, really likes him, and this will be their first date, only now her prom dress is ruined, and the prom will be starting in about four hours.

So now you’re on your way back to Stufftown, this time to replace Sam’s prom dress. You’re hoping maybe this new foray will be easier than what you went through ten years ago, but you have a dreadful premonition that it may turn out to be even more of a challenge.


8th place (of 70) in the 28th Annual Interactive Fiction Competition (2022).

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User Comments

Canalboy (14-03-2024 13:01)

I played the prequel Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina ten years ago and thought it was high time I tackled Jim Aikin's new game, a sequel to the original. It is another huge puzzle fest set in the same slightly sinister and surreal shopping centre. There are some old friends from the first game in new guises and a lot of debutantes. I am playing without the built-in hints system as is my wont. A great game for old-schoolers with Jim's traditional skills well exhibited.

Canalboy (25-03-2024 17:26)

I have managed to bump my score up to 193 points out of 250; as the story unravels the puzzles have become more linear but no easier. I am currently up the jungle without a banana. The jungle section also houses one of the few problems where the game can be made unwinnable.