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Agatha's Folly

Adventure Workshop, The info, Zenobi Software info 1989

Linda Wright info
PAW info
Amstrad CPC info, Spectrum
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ChickenMan, Gunness, Strident, Sudders



You have just become the proud owner of a country cottage, not that the cottage is anything to shout about, as it is not exactly very big and in the words of the estate agent was 'in need of some modernisation'. In fact the whole place was in a bit of a state. However there was nothing that could not be put right with some good honest sweat and the surrounding grounds more than made up for all the time and effort you would have to spend on the actual cottage. You were pleasantly surprised to find, that along with the cottage, you had also acquired a small lake, a semi-derelict mill and what could only be described as a 'folly'.

Having concluded the deal this morning, you have decided to spend the night in the confines of your new home just to get the feel of the place. Your furniture isn't due to arrive until tomorrow, because of a mis-understanding with the removal company, so you have brought one or two essentials with you, including an old camp-bed. Luckily enough you also purchased some furniture with the cottage when it was auctioned and tonight will also give you an opportunity to examine that in more detail.

Local gossip has it that the previous occupant just vanished without trace and you cannot help wondering what exactly did happen to them . .... you love such 'mysteries' and with luck you might even find the time to try and unravel this particular one.


Originally a PAWed ZX Spectrum game published by Zenobi Software.

The later Amstrad (PAW CP/M) version was produced and sold by the Adventure Workshop.

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by Vaxalon
by adventuron (Part 1)
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