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Lost in Wales

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Author, publisher and release status currently unknown.

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User Comments

urbanghost (29-06-2020 23:28)

had to get this one done seeing as i'm welsh!!!
not a bad little game, some nice puzzles but quite short. Only thing letting it down is the bugs.

Strident (30-06-2020 08:01)

Da iawn chi! :) It's a shame that we still don't know who created this mysterious adventure or even where it originally came from.

urbanghost (30-06-2020 20:22)

I think it is probably someone welsh, there are things here and there in the game that are really "welsh". Don't think someone not welsh would have put them in.

Strident (30-06-2020 22:37)

It's been ages since I looked at it but that was certainly my view. Someone from Wales or someone who at least holidayed here regularly.

urbanghost (01-07-2020 00:00)

well pentre gwyn is in wrexham. Were there any game companies or writers from there?

Strident (01-07-2020 06:05)

Pentref just means village and Pentre Gwyn, White Village. There are Pentre Gwyns all over Wales; it's a common name. Being local, Wrecsam isn't the first place I'd think of when playing the game. :)

urbanghost (01-07-2020 10:55)

yeah i speak welsh so know what it means, I know its weird but we do apeak welsh down south, my whole family are fluent.
I just said wrexham as its the only pentre gwyn that is well know and an official name for the place. Most other pentre gwyns are ether small hamlets or local names for places.

Strident (01-07-2020 16:10)

The translation was more of a comment for other users of the site. I wasn't making presumptions about your mastery of the Welsh language. If anything I'd presumed it was better than my very poor, primary school level knowledge.

Pentre Gwyn is just a street in Wrecsam, it's not particularly significant. There were Speccy programmers in the area, and indeed just over the border, but I've not been able to match any likely candidates for what is probably just a bedroom production.

urbanghost (01-07-2020 16:28)

sorry I was just being sarcastic, no offence taken.
there are some graphics tagged on to the end of the source but I cant get them to show in the game. I think it might be a title screen or something. Not that good with GAC so not sure.