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Double Play Adventures 1984

Alter Earth
S. Baxter, S. Dawson
Double Play Adventures [1: Sealed City, The, 2: Rifts of Time, The, 3: Traveller, The, 4: Time Quest, 5: Crystal Quest, 6: Urquahart Castle, 7: Golden Rose, The, 8: Sea of Zirun, 9: Eye of Vartan, 10: Moreby Jewels, The, 11: To the Manor Bourne, 12: Hexagonal Museum, The, 13: Tangled Tale, A, 14: Wizard's Scrolls, The, 15: Dragon Slayer, 16: Orc Island, 17: Swamp, The, 18: Murder Hunt, 19: Last Will and Testament, The, 20: Commando, 21: Operation Turtle, 22: Alter-Earth, 23: Earthbound]
Entered by:
Dorothy, Gunness, Strident



"Greetings. We would like you to save our world. We are from Earth, or rather from Alter-Earth. Our world is in the next dimension and we need you to stop the flow of a gas which an irresponsible scientist has invented. The gas has escaped and killed everyone living near the scientist and is slowly drifting towards our city below.

We found you using "The Quill" by Gilsoft, one of your best software firms. If you will help please enter the light in front of you."


An unofficial conversion of the ZX Spectrum version is available for Atari 400/800; ported by devwebcl.

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User Comments

pippa (16-04-2015 18:45)

I suspect the date might be wrong. If this was _only_ ever released in a compilation with Earthbound, it would have to be 1986 not 1984.

However, I'd still like to double check with the primary sources to see if the reference in Popular Computing Weekly 1985 is to this or another game. And that means waiting until I can access World of Spectrum's magazine archives again.

Gunness (21-04-2015 12:12)

You're right - I don't know the status of WoS' archives, but please keep us updated!

Strident (20-01-2021 13:42)

I need to do some more research into these Central Solutions/Pocket Money Software games... Alter Earth is clearly being sold in a bundle of twelve adventure by "Logic Sales Ltd" as early as November 1985 (they're all known Central Solutions titles) so had clearly been around for some time by then. Whether it had been around as early as 1984, as with many of the other games that went on to be Double Play Adventures, is not clear. Certainly 1986 is wrong as a date... whether that's wrong for just Alter Earth itself, or Double Adventure #12 too will need investigating.