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Sealed City, The

Central Solutions info 1985

Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Double Play Adventures [1: Sealed City, The, 2: Rifts of Time, The, 3: Traveller, The, 4: Time Quest, 5: Crystal Quest, 6: Urquahart Castle, 7: Golden Rose, The, 8: Sea of Zirun, 9: Eye of Vartan, 10: Moreby Jewels, The, 11: To the Manor Bourne, 12: Hexagonal Museum, The, 13: Tangled Tale, A, 14: Wizard's Scrolls, The, 15: Dragon Slayer, 16: Orc Island, 17: Swamp, The, 18: Murder Hunt, 19: Last Will and Testament, The, 20: Commando, 21: Operation Turtle, 22: Alter-Earth, 23: Earthbound]
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iamaran, Sudders



An ancient city peopled by a proud elder race was descending into darkness corrupted by the search for power and pleasure. A wise woman saw this fate and sought to avert the coming evil. Climbing the neglected Tower of the Moon and using the four great signals of power she created a ward and seal to imprison herself and all that walked and crawled in the foul stinking streets of decadent buildings in the now isolated city.
Seeing her work the darkness sought to ensnare the woman, so she fled deep into the vaults beneath the temple. Knowing in the future her hurried magic might weaken she set all her will into the bones of her head and hands. Calling down the fire of the moon she was consumed by its argent flame. All save her skull and hands which would serve as an amulet to guide mortals fighting the evil as she had done, to protect the World from the fear below the streets and the Noonday Demon.
Now the city is quiet and the perverted beings of the cursed city are quiet, but evil has allies and rumours of a dark shadow are spreading. The magic of a wise fool is needed.

You have chosen this quest as initiation as an apprentice into the Silver Company and must succeed in your innocence and cunning where wisdom and knowledge failed.

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Sudders (26-06-2016 11:39)

I've realised, that after saying I'd like to play more games from this author, that I don't know who wrote it. Anyone know?