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Golden Sword of Bhakhor, The

Zenobi Software info 1991

Dennis Francombe
GAC info, SAS info
SAM Coupé info, Spectrum
Fantasy, misc.
Entered by:
Gunness, stevenjameshodgson, Sudders



Raised by a wandering tribe of nomadic herdsmen and brought up in the simple style of their existence, you know very little about the world of the great 'walled-cities' and of the inhabitants who dwell within their walls. However old Mustak, the 'teller of tales', had often held you enthralled with his stories of the times of peace and wealth before the arrival of the now dreaded Barbarians and of the 'lost', but not forgotten, Prince who would one day return to lay claim to his rightful inheritance. It was said that this Prince would be the one who would return his people to the days of 'Peace and Wealth' and drive the Barbarians back to the inhospitable land from whence they came. This he would achieve with the aid of the legendary 'GOLDEN SWORD OF BHAKHOR' .... a weapon talked of by many but seen by none.

So it is that you find yourself standing before the 'walled-city', with only your wits and intelligence to guide you. You do not know who you are or what you are doing here .... only that you MUST enter the city, live amongst strange people and survive amidst those whose customs you do not know and who are very unlikely to be friendly towards you.

With luck, the reasons for you situation will become clear and that which you must accomplish in your quest will be revealed .... but first you must survive long enough to gain this knowledge.


Dennis Francombe later used the SAS to produce a remastered, single-part version of Bhakhor for the SAM Coupé.

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