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Aural Quest

Star Dreams 1984

Mike E. Turner
Based on music info
Entered by:
Dorothy, Gunness, Strident



You are the Stranglers' Tour Manager. In the middle of decorating your flat you get a telephone call from CBS Records who want you to fly to five cities, Nice, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo and Brisbane, to collect the promoters' payments for the Stranglers Tour. You also have to find and bring back to London the four parts of a massive ear statue that the group use as part of their act. The payments must also be returned to London and taken to the accountant's office where you will get your next plane ticket.


Originally included on the cassette release of The Stranglers Aural Sculpture album. Adventure author Mike Turner was an old school friend of the band's keyboard player Dave Greenfield, and had been best man at Dave's wedding.

An unofficial conversion of the ZX Spectrum version is available for Atari 400/800; ported by devwebcl.

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User Comments

Richard Bos (18-07-2021 13:43)

An odd one, this. I only found out it existed by listening to Aural Sculpture and looking it up on Wikipedia - and I still have no idea what the game has to do with the album, or even with the Stranglers' tour.

Strident (19-07-2021 08:02)

As well as gracing the album cover, the "Aural Sculpture" was a real (very large!) thing... probably an adventure in itself, shifting it around the place, judging from this blog...

Richard Bos (23-07-2021 15:45)

I presume it was never neatly cut into pieces and distributed across four continents, though...

Exemptus (29-04-2023 16:18)

An odd adventure, not unlike "The Sandman Cometh" in style. Its redeeming virtue is being very easy to complete, and therefore short.