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Cricklewood Incident, The

Salamander Software, WPJ Associates 1983

Allen Webb, Grant Privett, Martin Jones
BASIC info
BBC/Electron info, Dragon 32/64 info, Spectrum
Humour, Surreal
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Alastair, Strident



Life is pretty good being the sole owner of the Vole-Strangler millions. You, Arnold Q. Vole-Strangler (the 14th) lie relaxed in a padded cell recalling the sumptuousness of Castle Vole-Strangler and the verdant lushness of Vole-Strangler Acres.

Things haven't been so ripping since the nubile Cynthia Smythe-Drongo ran off with that Spaniard from Llandudno. After all, apart from playing a mean pair of castanets, what could he offer that the Vole-Strangler empire couldn't?

Still, no point in worrying about it, there are more important problems to consider. For example, what to do until the launderette opens? Of course, the very thing! Why not pop out and find the HOLY GRAIL? It won't take long to get there and back again.


The Cricklewood Incident, Streets of London, and The Kilburn Encounter were all developed from the PET game Pythonesque.

The title screen mentions that this is part 1 of 'The Vole-Strangler Sagas' but it seems likely that Salamander Software ceased trading before any other part was released. The fate of the other parts is unknown.

There is some confusion over which platforms this incarnation of the game was released on. The Dragon 32 version is confirmed and archived.

A Micro Adventurer news piece, from issue 4, says an Oric version published by Tansoft "will also be available" (this seems likely to have been the version reworked as The Kilburn Encounter) but neglects to mention the original format of the game that the news article is announcing the release of!

The adventure column in Computer & Video Games issue 31 states that both a BBC and a Spectrum version will be available as well as the Dragon release.

The Centre for Computing History lists an Amstrad CPC version in its catalogue, but the current entry shows a Dragon 32 inlay; so that may be an error.

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