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Games - BBC/Electron (548 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
2002: A Space Oddity A&B Computing 1986 English Solution
23:15 Jon Ripley info 2005 English Solution
32K Universe, A Viking (BBC/Electron) 1989 English Solution
A.R.V. Simon A. S. Brislin, Steven James Hodgson info, Tim A. Wiser 1992 English Solution
île Tristam, L Hugo Labrande 2021 French Solution
Abominable Snowmen, The WGames 1984 English Solution, Map
Acheton Acornsoft info, Topologika info 1978 English Solution, Map, Clue sheet
Acorn Adventure CSL Microdata 1983 English Solution, Map
Acorn User Adventure, The Acorn User 1984 English Solution
Adventure Piccolo Books info 1985 English Solution, Map
Adventure Acornsoft info 1986 English Solution, Map
Adventure Program Direct info 1982 English
Adventure J. A. McHugh 1993 English Solution, Map
Adventure David Johnston info ? English Solution
Adventure Micro Power info 1982 English Solution, Map, Hints, Fixed game
Adventure 1 Abersoft info, CP Software, Melbourne House 1982 English Solution, Map
Adventure 200 Foilkade 1982 English Solution, Map, Hints
Adventure Diploma Fast Access 1991 English Solution, Hints
Adventure Quest Level 9 Computing info 1982 English Solution, Map, Hints, Clue sheet
Adventureland Adventure International, PASE info 1978 English Solution, Map
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The Adventure International 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Aladdin Argus Specialist Publications, Games Computing, MSX User 1984 English Solution
Alien From Outer Space, The Incentive Software 1987 English Map
Alien Jailbreak Hiatal Software 2014 English Solution, Map
Alien Research Centre 3 Pension Productions info 2020 English Solution
All the Colours of Darkness Adrian Jackson 1991 English Solution, Map
American Suds Riverdale Software 1986 English Solution, Map
Amnesia A&B Computing 1985 English Solution, Map, Hints
Angler's Tale, The Pete Boddy 2021 English
Anion 3 ? 1987 English Solution
Annabel Gray Lee Software 1988 English Solution, Hints
Antagonists, The Addison-Wesley Publishers info 1985 English Solution
Anthrosin A&B Computing 1986 English Solution
Archers, The Level 9 Computing info, Mosaic Publishing info 1986 English
Arkham-Innsmouth and Beyond Virgin Books 1984 English Solution, Map
Arrow of Death Part 1 Adventure Soft UK info, Channel 8 Software info, Digital Fantasia info, Molimerx info 1981 English Solution, Map, Hints
Arrow of Death Part 2 Adventure Soft UK info, Channel 8 Software info, Digital Fantasia info, Molimerx info 1982 English Solution, Map
Aussie Suds Database Publications, Electron User, Riverdale Software 1988 English Solution
Avaunting, The Ixion Software info 1985 English Solution, Map
Avon Topologika info 1982 English Solution, Map, Clue sheet
Avontuur Gerard Kiekens ? Dutch Solution
Avontuur in Egypte, Een Uitgeverij Wolfkamp 1984 Dutch Solution, Map
Axe of Kolt, The Adventure Workshop, The info, Elk Adventure Club, The info, FSF Adventures 1988 English Solution
Banished Prince, The Orbit info 1984 English
Bannochburn Legacy, The Ballantine Books, Fontana Paperbacks 1983 English Solution, Map
Beastie Adventure, The Danny Nicholas 1989 English Solution
Birmingham IV Peter Emery 1988 English
Birthday Adventure Julie Montoya 2021 English Solution
Blood of the Mutineers Robico Software 1988 English Solution
Blue Dragon MP Software 1983 English Solution, Hints