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Zolan Adventure, The

Softek Software International 1982

Kevin Porter
BASIC info
Science fiction, Treasure hunt
Entered by:
dave, Dorothy, Exemptus, Strident, WhenIWasCruel



While exploring the remote planet Zol 1X you hear rumours of a fabulous treasure. It was buried in a tomb by Zolan, once emperor of the whole cluster, before the Terran conquest many centuries ago. Although many people have searched for it, the missing treasure has never been found. You decide to find it.


May have been sold by the author, Keven Porter, himself prior to the game being distributed by Softek.

The original game was for 16K Spectrums. There is a (non-official?) 48K version archived online which skips the introductory program and adds a custom font.

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User Comments

Exemptus (29-09-2021 19:10)

Advertised as a 16K game (Your Computer, Oct. 82, p.138), but can't be, as it loads a character set on a high address. Far too limited and simple, with ad-hoc input parsing, feels more like a magazine type-in. Has the distinction of being one of the first published text adventures on the Speccy.

Strident (29-09-2021 22:09)

Interesting... especially as it's clearly labelled 16K on the game inlay... I wonder if there is more than one version floating around on the Internet?

Strident (30-09-2021 05:50)

Yes, there are two different versions currently (as I type this) archived on Spectrum Computing.

The first (the .TAP file) looks like it is the original 1982 file. Strangely, the intro program has an error in it (easily fixed) but the game itself loads fine and has the standard fault. That version is a 16K program.

The .TZX file is completely different. It does not have the introduction program on it and, as you point out, it loads in an additional fault, making it not run on the 16K machines. I'll flag it up on Spectrum Computing. I'm guessing it's either a later re-release or, probably more likely, a version that a third-party has created, much later.

Exemptus (30-09-2021 12:15)

Thanks, you seem to be right. I hadn't noticed the second version, but it looks like the original one, and it runs in 16K, which makes sense. The other one is probably republished.

Strident (30-09-2021 18:31)

*additional font (not fault!)

I've actually started investigating a few games like this because there are a ton of .TZX files in the Spectrum archives, all with extremely similar loaders with their titles in yellow centred on a black screen and a custom font added, that I think may be later artificial creations.