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Arabian Nights

CodeWriter, SoftSide Publications info 1983

Son of Ali Baba
John R. Olsen info
BASIC info, Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
Apple II, Atari 400/800, C64/128 info, PC info, TRS-80 info
Based on literature info, Magic, Myths and legends
The Thriller Series 2 [1: Frankenstein Adventure, 2: Volcano Island, 3: Arabian Nights]
SoftSide Adventure Series [1: Wizard's Sword, The, 2: It's About Time..., 3: Volcano Island, 4: Atlantis, 5: Arabian Nights, 6: High School Confidential, 7: Madhouse, 8: Jack the Ripper II, 9: Deathworld, 10: Jack the Ripper III]
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dave, Garry, Gunness, iamaran, Juan, Strident



The daughter of the caliph of Baghdad lies in a death-like trance, the victim of the evil magician Roxor's spell.
Scattered throughout the desert are the tools and magical items you will need to acquire the eggshell of the great Roc, which can restore health to the princess.

Beware of monsters and poisoned water, and heed well the advice of the seer. Good luck, sahib!


Originally a TRS-80 16K BASIC adventure.

This was adventure #5 in the SoftSide Adventure Series (formerly SoftSide Adventure of the Month Club). It was published as a bonus on SoftSide CV and DV (the cassette and disk versions) with the instructions in SoftSide Selections, issue 42, vol. 6, no. 9, July 1983, p. 22-23 and encoded hints in SoftSide Selections, issue 43, vol. 6, no. 10, August 1983, p. 31 (Atari version).

The C64 Quill'ed port of the original TRS-80 game, re-titled Son of Ali Baba, was released by Codewriter, as part of the Thriller series 2 compilation, in 1985.

The "Quilled" version was also later sold (1988?) as part of a four-game compilation by Free Spirit Software; where an Apple II version was also listed.

The MS-DOS version is dated 1992.

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by Garry
by Garry
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User Comments

pippa (03-07-2016 16:30)

Are you sure this game is by Peter Kirsch? It seems to have the same plot, characters, setting, puzzles, etc. as John Olsen's 'Son of Ali Baba'. Olsen did write for Softside occasionally (Volcano Island) so could this be his work? This would be the the early version of the game, and 'Son of Ali Baba' the later one. (It makes more sense than the idea Olsen would rip Kirsch off so completely.)

Garry (21-07-2016 01:27)

You're right. I sent updates (including screen grab, map and solution) on 28 June 2016, but these haven't made it into the database yet. Arabian Adventure was written by Peter Kirsch. Arabian Nights was written by John Olsen.

Gunness (21-07-2016 10:50)

I'm back after my holiday now and will get to work on the various games a.s.a.p.