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Hermit's Secret

Temple Software 1982

PC info
Treasure hunt
Entered by:
Gunness, Richard Bos



A hermit lives somewhere around here, at least that's what the local people say. Rumor has it that he's been guarding something -- probably a fortune in gold and jewels -- that will make the finder fabulously wealthy. People also say that a lot of adventurers have vanished in this area, never to be seen again. If you really want to take your chances trying to uncover The Hermit's Secret, I'll help you all I can.

Direct me with one or two words, and remember that I never look at more than the first 6 letters of any word. If you want general hints on play, type INFO, and if you really don't know what to do, type HELP. Good luck in your adventure!

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User Comments

Richard Bos (16-09-2014 12:12)

A typical product of the time: it can't strictly speaking be called good, but if you turn your mind back to 1982, it can still be enjoyed. Don't expect great story-telling or world-building, though.

Thread Racer (25-07-2016 00:54)

Hi Richard,

Your dungeon maze table has a problem; two columns labeled 'E'! I knew something was wrong! I'm trying to beat the game using the maze tables only, so I haven't looked at any of your other stuff.

By the way, our paths have crossed before. I created Spelunker's Quest for the 2009 interactive fiction competition. I remember playing your game; I seem to recall that I liked it.

Thanks, Tom Murrin

Richard Bos (15-07-2021 19:22)

Heh. For anyone still reading this, the second E column in the second table should indeed be labeled S for South.
Sorry I can't correct it directly, as it is a scan of a hand-written document which I might not even have anymore...