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Warlock of Firetop Mountain, The

Ken Rigby ?

Ken Rigby
Quill, The/AdventureWriter info
C64/128 info
Based on literature info, Fantasy, misc.
Entered by:
Alastair, Gunness, iamaran, Strident



Inspired by the Fighting Fantasy gamebook by Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson, but not authorised or part of the official computer game tie-in series.

This version is not to be confused with the official computer game of The Warlock of Firetop Mountain, which was an arcade-adventure game that bears no resemblance to the original book.

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by Dorothy
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User Comments

Alex (26-04-2021 12:27)

I've just noticed a spectrum version for sale on Ebay So I've added spectrum to the platforms.

Alastair (26-04-2021 21:39)

Alex, are you absolutely certain that it is the Ken Rose adventure and not the official Puffin Books / Crystal Computing release?

Strident (27-04-2021 05:58)

Yes, as pointed out, the Spectrum game of that name is an action/arcade game; rather than an adventure.

Strident (27-04-2021 06:00)

Should this particular adventure game even be listed in the "Fighting Fantasy" series on here? It is not an official part of that series.

Strident (27-04-2021 06:04)

Also, thought it was strange that "Ken Rose" is listed as the author of this, given it's a Quilled C64 game and his other games are all old Apple/Atari BASIC titles. Gamerbase lists "Ken Rigby" as the author...

Alex (27-04-2021 11:12)

You are both absolutely right, of course. I shouldn't be doing multiple things at once :). Now you mention it I actually knew there is no official text adventure release for the Warlock. I got confused because this game has been added as related. Since it's not part of the official releases I don't think it should be mentioned in the list because when we do we should also mention for example and they are not related to the official series.

Strident (27-04-2021 15:22)

I agree. I've removed it from the list as it only adds to the confusion.