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Almazar I

1001001, 80 Micro info 1983

The Search For Almazar, part 1: The Proving Ground
Winston Llamas
BASIC info
Mainframe info, Osborne info, TRS-80 info, TRS-80 CoCo
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In this 72-room game, your task is to be transported into the next dimension. Your ultimate goal is to find the super being, Almazar.


Originally a mainframe game, written in BASIC, by the author when he was an undergraduate at Rensselaer Polytechnic (RPI). This version is usually dated/copyrighted 1981. The game was announced as the first in the Almazar series, but it is not known whether more games were created.

Winston later submitted the game to 80 Micro and it appeared in the 1983 Special Anniversary Edition of the magazine, as a type-in for the TRS-80 Model I or III; pp. 288–294, 296–297.

CASA user redhiglander notes: "Several different disk images available online (including both copies on Willus) have at least 2 bugs. Without going into spoilers, the first bug makes one puzzle unnecessary (making the game slightly easier), and the second bug is that one treasure item is not a recognized vocabulary word (meaning one treasure cannot be picked up)."

Australian Bob Liddelow adapted and ported the game to MBASIC 5.21 to run on the Osborne 1 in 1983 and shared it in sigm VOL142. This abridged version of the game also included several bugs.

A TRS-80 CoCo version of the adventure was included on the Hot Coco cassette Instant Coco, as Search for Almazar, with the port credited to Geoffrey Williamson.

Various (presumably unofficial) versions of the game are available online appearing in collections of games for CP/M and machines like the Microbee.

Arthur O'Dwyer has produced an online version of the game; using vbccz, a C compiler for the Z-machine. The source code, story file, online version and history of the game can be viewed on Arthur's website.

Arthur also has a useful repository of different versions of the game.

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