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Adventure Diploma

Fast Access 1991

Basil Waterton
Adventurescape info
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Treasure hunt
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Gunness, iamaran, leenew



"So you want to gain your Adventure Diploma", says the Wizard. "Well, you'll have to deal with a snake before the cave roof falls in and blocks your way. Then you'll have to find out what my magic word is and where the Secret Cave is situated. You'll have to get a treasure from an island where fierce fish are everywhere. You'll have to dig in the right place. You'll have to fend off attacking birds. You'll have to deal with a fierce beast. You'll have to find your way through my zoo where the fierce animals are not in cages. You'll have to get to the top of a cliff when you can't climb all the way up it. You'll have to find your way out of 'The Eternal Square'. Lastly you'll have to make the Wall of Jericho fall. If you can do ALL these tasks and take each treasure when you find it to the Secret Cave, then say the magic word there, I'll award you with your Diploma. Good luck!"


Was first published on the supporting disk for Fast Access Magazine volume 3, issue 2.

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User Comments

Jonathan O (17-12-2020 09:23)

This is a game where it is almost inevitable that you will get stuck at a very early stage. You must find the treasures in order, and when you've got the first treasure you must take it to a particular room and use a magic word. When you get there, you are trapped until you use the correct word (and SAY isn't recognized, so I'm guessing that USE is the verb) - but the hint given for this is either wrong or extremely obscure. On top of that, you have an inventory limit of 3 items - one of which is a lamp which you can't drop without getting killed! I'm going to persist with looking at the listing and data, but without much optimism...

Jonathan O (19-12-2020 10:36)

I am now giving up on this game. Despite having looked at all possible verbs and nouns, I cannot find how to get out of the secret cave. I wouldn't like to say positively that it is not possible to get past this obstacle, but I'm not going to spend any more tine trying to find it. (At least it didn't cost me any money - unlike Hare Raiser!)

ahope1 (19-12-2020 15:22)

@Jonathan O: can you please post a walkthrough (a sequence of commands to type into the game) of the progress you've managed to make so far? Perhaps post it in the forum.

Jonathan O (20-12-2020 17:02)

OK, I've posted that under Classics on the forum, though it's not been moderated yet.