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Question of Death, A

A&B Computing, Argus Specialist Publications, Games Computing, MSX User, Oric Owner info, Tansoft info 1983

Death of a Dictator, The Emperor of Zoblovia, Death in Poglovia
Steve W. Lucas info
BASIC info
Amstrad CPC info, BBC/Electron info, MSX/MSX2, Oric/Atmos
Crime, Type-in info
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dave, Garry, Gunness



You have decided to take a well-earned holiday on the sunny island of Poglovia, which is situated off the mainland of Zoblovia.

Unfortunately, you have had nothing but trouble since you arrived. On the first day, torrential rain caused widespread flooding and many areas of the island are still under water. Your money ran out two days ago and, to cap it all off, the mad Emperor of Zoblovia has invaded the island with 10000 troops and most of the inhabitants have been killed.

You have heard that the emperor is hiding somewhere on the island and is planning to blow the island up if the famed Diamond of Poglovia is not delivered to him.
The game starts with you floating on a piece of driftwood somewhere on the island. Your only chance of saving the island is to find the diamond and give it to the emperor or to kill him.

You have only 150 moves before the island is blown up.


This was published by Tansoft as a BASIC type-in listing for the Oric in Oric Owner, issue 5, December 1983/January 1984, pp. 61-64. It is chock full of bugs and you won't get very far unless you play a bug-fixed version.

It was later published by Argus Specialist Publications as a BASIC type-in listing for the BBC in A&B Computing, issue 5, vol. 1, no. 5, January/February 1984, pp. 89–91 as 'Death in Poglovia'; for the Amstrad CPC in Games Computing, issue 10, October 1984, pp. 6–10 as 'Death of a Dictator'; for the MSX in MSX User, vol. 1, no. 2, January 1985, pp. 76–80 as 'The Emperor of Zoblovia'. The BBC version was also included on 'Adventure Crazy' adventure collection no. 2.

The bugs and room descriptions in all versions are slightly different, but the games are much the same.

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