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Legacy, The

Zenobi Software info 1990

Laurence Creighton info
C64/128 info, Spectrum
Treasure hunt
Entered by:
Alex, Gunness, Strident, Sudders



Every family has their "strange" relations but none more so than yours ... After all even your eccentric old uncle's name was enough ... I.M. NUTZ. However, despite his eccentricities and curious habits he had been a lovable enough old chap and you had been sorry to hear of his "passing".

Down through the years there had been talk of his "priceless" stamp collection and set of "rare" coins, but to be truthful nobody had ever clapped eyes on either of them. Personally you reckon they were just "wishful thinking" and put their existence down to pure gossip.

The notification of the reading of his will stated that the lawyers requested your presence in their office on the stipulated day and despite the fact that you felt there was nothing in it for you, you decide to make the effort and attend anyway.

All and sundry had gathered in the lawyer's office and there were some present that you were sure you had never heard of before. However, after much pushing and shoving everybody managed to find themselves a place to sit and the next few minutes were spent in eager anticipation awaiting the arrival of the lawyer.

As you sat there gazing at the sea of faces surrounding you, you could not help but wonder at just what the old chap had had to leave after all. Perhaps there was great "wealth" hidden in some corner of his estate ... Otherwise why would so many have taken the trouble to attend the reading? There was a slight squeak as the office door opened and an expectant hush fell ever the assembled mass ...


The author dated this game January 1990.

The origin of the C64 version is currently unknown; it is presumed to be an unofficial port.

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