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Hermitage, The

50/50 Club Software, Guild Adventure Software, The info 1987

Anthony Collins info, Richard Robinson
GAC info, PAW info
Amstrad CPC info, C64/128 info, SAM Coupé info, Spectrum
Hermitage, The [1: Hermitage, The, 2: Absolution]
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Eriorg, Gunness, Strident



You take the role of a medieval monk. The archbishop has commanded you to journey into the mountains, where a mysterious hermit lives. Your task is to kill him, as he is actually the reincarnation of the devil.


Best known as a two-part ZX Spectrum game, produced using the PAW and released (by Tony's Pegasus Developments) in 1989, an early (single part?) version of the game was released in 1987 by the author's 50/50 Club Software for both the Spectrum and the Amstrad.

An October 1987 Adventure Probe review lists the PAW as the system used for the Spectrum version, although interview comments from Tony (in Adventure Probe volume 2 issue 3) suggest there may have been an earlier version for Spectrum made using the Quill or GAC.

A (PAWed) 128K version of the game was later released by FSF Software. The +3 version of the game features full-screen graphics, which load off the disk.

The Amstrad version of the game appears in three different forms...
- There were two tape/disk versions by Tony Collins and Richard Robinson*, one with graphics & one just with text, that were released by Recreation Re-Creation. These were produced with the GAC.
- There was also a later "128K" Amstrad version by the author, released after the 1989 Spectrum version, that combined both parts of the game into a single load and was only available on disk; this was produced with the CP/M PAWs.

A disk-only GACed (?) C64 conversion was produced by William Quinn for Tony Collins' The Guild.

A fully-authorised enhanced "Sam Coupe" version of the game was produced by Dave Whitmore & Gareth Pitchford of the Sam Coupe Adventure Club by taking the Spectrum 48K version of the game, adding text from the 128K adventure and graphics from the +3 disk edition.

*Richard Robinson is credited as a co-author in the early versions of the game.

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