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Games - 1987 (541 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
12 Lost Souls Len Townsend 1987 English
666 The Haunted House Cristian Hofsetz, Guilherme Castro 1987 English Solution, Map
Aandark Falsoft 1987 English
Actor's Nightmare, An Falsoft 1987 English
Adventure Adventure Software 1987 English
Adventure Playtime CGH Services info 1987 English
Adventure Trilogy, The Mike Howard, Rick Aguas 1987 English
Adventurer, The SDL Adventures, Zenobi Software info 1987 English
Adventures of Johnny Zero, The Falsoft 1987 English
Aegypten Lutz Reckr├╝hm, Uwe Becker 1987 German Solution, Map
Ai confini della realta' Systems Editoriale 1987 Italian
Akanis Ula Pressimage 1987 French
Alan Simmons - Bucaneer Viking info 1987 Italian
Alien From Outer Space, The Incentive Software 1987 English
Alptraum R & E Software 1987 German
Amity's Vile Michael Bailey 1987 English Solution
Amos Newton - Incubo Explorer info 1987 Italian
Amulet, The Mosaic Publishing info, Ram Jam Corporation, The 1987 English
Animal Land Murder Case Enix 1987 Japanese
Anion 3 ? 1987 English
Antre de Gork, L' Excalibur 1987 French
Antropos - Homo Sapiens Viking info 1987 Italian
Apartment of Mystery, The SoftDisk 1987 English Solution
Arazok's Tomb Aegis Developments 1987 English Solution
Argon - L'Orrore di Providence Viking info 1987 Italian
Asiento Interceptor Micros info 1987 English
Astrodus Affair ? 1987 English Solution, Map
Aurum Radarsoft 1987 Dutch Solution, Map
Autre Aventure, L' Genisoft 1987 French
Aventura em San Quentin ? 1987 Portuguese Solution, Map
Axe Top Ten Software 1987 English
Bad Night Palas 1987 Czech
Balm Falsoft 1987 English
Balrog GAC user 1987 English Solution
Basque Terrorists Loose in Dartford Infected Software 1987 English Solution
Bekstvo iz KPD Grljevca Alivojvodic Nikola 1987 Serbian/Croatian/Bosnian
Beyond Zork Infocom info 1987 English Solution
Big Sleaze, The Delta 4 Software, Piranha 1987 English Solution, Hints
Black Fountain, The Incentive Software 1987 English Solution
Black Wood, The Thrydhent Vision Systems 1987 Spanish
Blind Date ADAMagic Software 1987 English
Book of Shadows, The Willysoft UK 1987 English
Book of the Dead CRL Group, Essential Myth 1987 English Solution, Hints
Border Zone Infocom info 1987 English Solution
Brainless ? 1987 English
Bulbo and the Lizard-King Zenobi Software info 1987 English Solution, Hints
Bungo's Quest For Gold Gary Stimson 1987 English Solution
Bureaucracy Infocom info 1987 English Solution
Burg St. Mueller 1987 German Solution, Map
Burt Everett - Primo Caso Explorer info 1987 Italian