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Curse of Calutha

Zenobi Software info 1992

Laurence Creighton info
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Strident, Sudders



The last few months had been a shade hectic at work, what with the recent "take-over" and all the various "coming" and "goings" associated with it. However you had ploughed on regardless and thankfully all now seemed to be running quite smoothly, albeit slightly different from what you had come to know in the past. Old Brown, your immediate superior, had been very pleased with the manner you had handled the transition, and in recognition of all your efforts had suggested that you take a few weeks well-earned break. Thankful of this opportunity to re-charge your "batteries", you had scoured the shelves of the local Holiday-Agents in search of a place to take the break but nothing had appealed to you. Then you remembered a tatty old book that late aunt Agatha had given you, full of interesting tales of unsolved mysteries and strange occurrences.

Many an hour had been scent poring over the old book, but your interest was always drawn to the tale of CALUTHA, an ancient mystic. It seemed that he had roamed his homeland for many a year, gathering artefacts and treasures as he went, only to deposit them all in a place known as "THE CAVES OF LIGHTS". Many knew of the location of these caves; in fact many had entered them in search of the hidden wealth but so far nobody had ever managed to progress any further than the legendary "Golden Antechamber".

So it was that you found yourself in this quaint picturesque land, full of rolling hills, small villages and vast lakes. You had decided to spend your break hiking through this land in search of Calutha's wealth, but would you be brave enough to ignore the curse that it is said he put upon those valuable artefacts when he first hid them in the caves.

By nature you are a very curious person; you find it hard to resist looking at everything. Sometimes it is very true that curiosity can kill ... Will you be the unlucky one??????


This game is in TWO parts, so make sure that you make a note of the "password" you are given when you complete part ONE as this will be needed in order to play PART TWO.

Although the game is dated August 1991, it wasn't released by Zenobi until 1992.

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