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King Pieter's Treasure - Review

Review by Canalboy


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This old DOS based game from 1992 has good potential but is sadly very buggy. The ultimate aims are to go fishing and find the royal treasure. It appears to be quite large and the room descriptions are interesting and nicely portrayed in yellow on blue. Some good Aussie slang is mixed in to the whole thing.

Unfortunately there is only one SAVE position which is overwritten every time you make a new one and herein lies the big problem. In the manner of Hamil you are attacked if you stay in one place for too long by a wasp, a giant rat etc. and you have to fight them in RPG style, sometimes winning and sometimes losing. All other commands are disabled during these frequent bouts. I saved a game in the Princess's bedroom (she wasn't there sadly but half of an old dry lemon was). When I reloaded this later I was met by the command "You are being attacked" although there was no assailant in the room with me, thereby rendering the game stuck in a pseudo combat loop with nothing to fight with and no way to escape.

A shame as the game has promise if this problem is ironed out but I wasn't prepared to restart to get stuck in the same loop every time. Most of the items listed in the room descriptions are EXAMinable so some effort has certainly been put into the coding. It's the old story of fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Beta test guys!

Parser/Vocabulary (Rating: 8/10)

A nice list of verbs / nouns.

Atmosphere (Rating: 6/10)

Good room descriptions and many objects can be examined and taken. LOOK UNDER, LOOK BEHIND etc. are also well catered for.

Cruelty (Rating: Cruel)

AS mentioned above, only one save position allowed and easy to make unwinnable.

Puzzles (Rating: 4/10)

I only came across one with a Great Dane and a crooked Rembrandt painting but this is where the game got stuck in a loop unfortunately.

Overall (Rating: 4/10)

Four but if the bugs are squashed this would definitely be marked considerably higher.