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Archimedes World 1994

Chris Allen
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Alex, dave, iamaran, Strident



Published on the Acorn Archimedes World magazine October 1994 "Mega Disk 1". A full solution apparently appeared in a later issue (issues?) of the magazine.

Written in BASIC, this graphical text adventure, features over 300 locations, and also includes a useful auto-mapping feature.

Commenting about the game, the author Chris Allen has said:

Archimedes World gave me the not-so-generous sum of £40 for the entire game and complained that the game was getting too big - the reason behind the pictures being simple black & white I seem to remember!


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by Canalboy
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User Comments

Canalboy (05-02-2022 14:49)

I have played thus game via a RISC Archimedes emulator and can thoroughly recommend it. It has over 300 locations and seems to get tougher as it progresses. A real old school immersion; lots of humour and too. It's a shame that the game's limited porting has left its considerable light to flicker under a bushel. I am currently stuck in a maze of meadows.

Lots of interesting locations from a museum to a ballet school and several NPCs.

Strident (05-02-2022 15:56)

The game's author makes reference to a full solution that he wrote for a Archimedes World so that might well be out there.

Not a game that I'd come across personally but there seems to be quite a few threads along the lines of "Anyone remember an old game called Gorm?" out there... so fondly remembered by Archimedes World readers.

The author says he only got paid £40 quid for the rights to it.

Canalboy (05-02-2022 17:00)

I haven't played it for a while; I must fire it up again soon.

I wonder if anyone has used that walk through yet? I think there is something on YouTube as well.

Canalboy (06-02-2022 17:14)

Forty quid? And I thought Archimedes had principles.

Canalboy (13-07-2022 20:59)

This is a heads up to inform anyone not to download the above game from It appears to be the only place to download it from the web

This link used to work when I originally downloaded it a few years ago but I tried it again and it now consists of a 2021 executable which contains a virus. Thanks whoever did that.

Alastair (13-07-2022 21:47)

Canalboy, I've just tried your link and when unzipped I get an .adf image with a 1996 date. I get exactly the same .adf image when I download it from the Internet Archive (just search for Gorm):

Denk (14-07-2022 00:15)

I haven't played this specific one but you should be aware that "false positives" are common in Antivirus-software. It means they think there is a virus and they will always give you the "name" of the "virus".

It could be a real virus but if you are in doubt, there are places online where you can upload the file and you will see how many antivirus programs that regard it as a virus. If only a few out of many regard it as a virus, it is probably a false positive. I have been recommended for that purpose but haven't used it myself yet.

Canalboy (14-07-2022 12:14)

I've just tried again. Unzipping creates a file named Install_2021.exe. If I attempt to install it Norton informs me that Heur.AdvMLD has attempted an attack via It mattches a known malicious signature. This is a known attack site. Severity high.

Alastair (14-07-2022 22:07)

"attempted an attack via" - this explains it. I use NoScript and uBlock Origin, both of which block javascripts (unless I choose otherwise), the download site must have become compromised at some point and the offending javascript (which no doubt changes the download to an infected file) added to the site. If the javascript is prevented from running the proper file is downloaded, but until the download website is cleaned up it is probably better to download the game from the Internet Archive.

Canalboy (15-07-2022 08:38)

I don't think it's on the IF Archive - it's definitely not under if-archive/games/archimedes.

Alastair (15-07-2022 20:28)

Internet Archive, not IF Archive. Just click on "Acorn Archimedes [TOSEC]/Acorn Archimedes - Games (TOSEC-v2011-02-22_CM)/Gorm v1.40 (1994)(Archimedes World).zip" at

Canalboy (16-07-2022 11:24)

Server error 500 I'm afraid. I've never been able to access that particular page.

Strident (16-07-2022 11:35)

That page and link allowed me to download the game just now, so it would seem to be an annoying, localised issue then.

Canalboy (16-07-2022 14:33)

I've finally managed to download it; thanks very much. It has been years since I last played it and I downloaded it from the site with the dodgy link back then. It's a shame it has never gained more exposure as it is a very well thought out and coded game as I remember. Unfortunately I can't access my old maps so I shall go again from the start. The inevitable map and review to follow later. I am trying to play it simultaneously with Quest on a Windows 98 platform so they should both keep me busy.

Canalboy (21-08-2022 18:01)

I have hit a major impasse in this game. Somewhere there exists a prescription for penicillin which is mentioned by an ill old woman. However, I have looked everywhere and cannot find it. Maybe she has eaten it. It's a shame the author's email address is not available (as far as I can see).

Canalboy (29-08-2022 14:49)

I have now completes Gorm. I had not realised how near the end I was; I finally worked out how to get the prescription which was one of the harder problems in the game. All in all a very good game.