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Skullduggery - Adventures in Horror

? 1986

David Jewett
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Skullduggery is a classic text adventure, set on the southeast coast of eighteenth-century England. During this period smuggling goods into England was a common enterprise; necessitated primarily by the King’s tax on imports. Indeed, it was a rare family who did not participate in the smuggler's business at some time.

In this particular adventure a member of the Royal Family Leominster, William the Wildheart, was heavily involved in the business of smuggling. However, at some point in his career he was caught and turned-in by his family. As a result of his family's betrayal, William was found guilty and executed.

Although dead, William's hate was intense and it prompted his return as a ghost. Also, William had hidden a massive treasure which his family coveted greedily, and which he desired to keep for himself. (Who said you can't take it with you?)

As an angry spirit, William wanted desperately to make his family pay for their sins while protecting his treasure against any and all intruders. To this end, William will unmercifully torture any individual who enters his domain.

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