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Games - Miklós Tihor (7 results)

Miklós Tihor is a well-known name in the Hungarian games community. He learnt to program during a summer camp and developed his skills when he obtained his own C64. His games A Hős Lovag (Hero Knight) and Sárkányölő (Dragon Slayer) were published by influential Hungarian publisher Novotrade, who he later was employed by, working on titles such as The Simpsons game.

He went on to co-found the company Beholder Kft, which published fantasy books, PBM games, a trading card game (Hatalom Kártyái), a fantasy magazine (Alanori Krónikák), and various browser-based video games.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Bátor Lovag, A Miklós Tihor info 1985 Hungarian
Disktolvaj Miklós Tihor info 1985 Hungarian
Dracula Adventure Miklós Tihor info 1986 Hungarian
Gengszter Országos Commodore Egyesület (OCE) 1986 Hungarian
Hős Lovag, A Novotrade 1986 Hungarian Solution
Sárkányölő Novotrade 1985 Hungarian
Western Adventure Miklós Tihor info ? Hungarian