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Games - M - Amstrad CPC (51 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Magician's Apprentice, A Guild, The info, WoW Software info 1990 English Solution
Magnetic Moon Adventure Workshop, The info, Elk Adventure Club, The info, FSF Adventures 1989 English Solution, Hints
Man About the House Adventure Workshop, The info, Zenobi Software info 1994 English Solution
Manoir du Comte Frozarda, Le MBC Informatique 1988 French Map
Manoir Maudit, Le CPC Revue info 1987 French
Mansion Central Solutions 1984 English
Mansion Kali Commodore plus 2012 Spanish
Mansion Kali II Commodore plus 2013 Spanish
Mantis 1 Raven Adventures 1990 Spanish
Mantis 2 Raven Adventures 1990 Spanish
Maquina del Tiempo, La Mixtring 1989 Spanish
Maraudeur, Le Ubi Soft 1989 French
Marie Celeste Collins 1985 English Solution, Map
Marmelade MBC Informatique 1987 French
Masters of Mid World ? 1986 English Solution
Masters of the Universe - Super Adventure Adventure Soft UK info, US Gold 1987 English Solution, Hints
Mega Bucks Firebird info 1986 English Solution
Mega-Corp Dinamic Software 1987 Spanish Solution, Map, Hints
Menace of the Atom Monster Computing With the Amstrad, Database Publications 1988 English
Menagerie, The Stormbringer Software 1990 English Solution, Hints
Merlin Adventure Workshop, The info, WoW Software info 1990 English Solution
Message From Andromeda Interceptor Micros info 1984 English Solution, Map, Hints
Message From Deep Space, A Barrie M. Eaton info 1987 English Solution, Map, Fixed game
Miami Mice Anthony Collins info 1986 English Solution
Microfair Madness Delbert the Hamster Software 1991 English Solution, Map
Midsummer Day's Dream, A Adventure Workshop, The info, WoW Software info 1994 English Solution, Hints
Mike & Moko MBC Informatique 1988 French
Mindfighter Abstract Concepts, Activision 1988 English Solution
Mindshadow Activision, Interplay Productions 1984 English Solution, Hints, Clue sheet
Minette Edmund J. Spicer ? English Solution
Miser, The Adventure Workshop, The info, River Software 1990 English Solution, Map
Mission 1: Project Volcano Mission Software 1983 English
Mission Pour Pachebran Amstrad Magazine, Laser Presse 1985 French Solution, Map, Fixed game
Mission Secrète A Colditz CPC Revue info 1985 French
Misson To Zarkon Argus Specialist Publications, Home Computing Weekly 1985 English
Monster's Final Hour Amsoft, Amstrad CPC 464 User 1985 English Solution, Map
Monsters of Murdac Topologika info 1987 English Solution
Montsegur Norsoft 1985 French
Moonbase 3 Barrie M. Eaton info 1991 English Solution, Hints
Moonmist Infocom info 1986 English Solution
Mordon's Quest Abersoft info, Melbourne House 1985 English Solution, Map, Hints
Morgan's Seal Guild, The info 1992 English Solution, Map, Hints
Mortville Manor Pyramide 1986 English
Moulinsart Bretagne Edit Presse 1987 French
Mountains of Ket Incentive Software 1983 English Solution, Hints
Murder Off Miami CRL Group 1987 English Solution, Hints
Mystere De Kikekankoi, Le Loriciels 1983 French
Mystery of Arkham Manor Melbourne House 1987 English Hints
Mystery of the Dark Manor Barrie M. Eaton info 1992 English Solution
Mystery of the Indus Valley Alternative Software 1988 English Solution