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Dinamic Software 1987

Javier Cubedo, Luis Franco, Nicolas Lecuona, Raul Ortega Palacios
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Science fiction
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Alex, Gunness, Kozelek



In the 22nd century the Universe was dominated by two great forces born after decades of great wars: the Empire and the Hark federation. Both expansionist governments, their border disputes are almost constant.

Within the Empire the greatest power, after the Emperor himself, are the MegaCorporations, financial associations that control each and every aspect of the lives of citizens. With power of life or death, these Mega-Corp, as they are familiarly called, extend their tentacles through the Cosmos in search of wealth to extract or, as the case may be, snatch.

The federative system consists on the "adoption" under its tutelage of technologically poor planetary systems, although rich in materials or manpower, that are invariably employed in the improvement of the resources of the original Hark planets.

As an executive of a MEGA-CORP, you must guide your operative agent until you take control of the situation on planet GEA-3.

You must, by helping the rebel groups, overthrow the government, currently in the hands of "the federation".

Your ship will land in the wooded expanse surrounding the rebel base.

Cross the lake, pass the police checkpoint and find your liaison who will be identified by his status as a merchant of furs, from then on follow his instructions.

The mission is risky but the reward is great, if you get GEA-3 to become an imperial power, the reward will make you immensely rich. (Extracted from Mega-Corp's instructions).


Adventure with illustrations. It has two parts and is programmed with the parser GAC.

The adventure was not created by Dinamic, as the authors acted as free-lance and showed the finished product to the company (even with a loading screen, although Dinamic changed it to Javier Cubedo's), signing a contract for the transfer of rights with an economic compensation based exclusively on "royalties".

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