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Games - Alan (59 results)

Alan (short for Adventure LANguage) was created by Thomas Nilsson and Göran Forslund in 1985 and is still in development as of February 2017.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
They're After You! Bob Reeves 1999 English Solution, Map
To Get To The Other Side Bob Reeves 1999 English Solution, Map
To Otherwhere and Back Greg Ewing 2001 English
Unity! Greg Ewing 1998 English
Vampiro: Memorias de reXXe CAAD 1998 Spanish Solution, Map
Very Hairy Fish-Mess, A Byron Alexander Campbell 2008 English
Waldo's Pie Michael Arnaud 2005 English Solution
Wyldkynd Project, The Robert DeFord 2014 English
Zero One Edward Plant 2004 English Solution, Map