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Games - Being played by Alex (33 results)

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
Alice and the March Hare Orion Software, Syntaxsoft 1986 English
Arkham-Innsmouth and Beyond Virgin Books 1984 English Solution, Map
Balthar's Castle ? 1984 German
Bolivia by Night Aidan Doyle 2005 English
Cave Maze Coombe Valley Software 1991 English
Daemonenbuch, Das Holger Franz ? German Map, Hints
Dawn of the Mummy Patrick Wullaert 1988 English Solution
Déjà Vu - Eine phantastische Geschichte Ariolasoft 1985 German Solution, Hints
Demoniak Palace software 1990 English Map, Hints
Escape From London CBM64novo 2013 English Map
Follow the clues ? 1986 Spanish
Four Wands, The Dave W. Gore 1988 English Solution, Hints
Galaxy Adventure #1 Hot CoCo info, Wayne Green Communications 1983 English Solution
Galleon, The Molotow Cocktails 1993 English Solution
Golden Flower Adventure, The Alejandro Reye 1987 English Map
House of the Dead ? ? English
John Clark - The Escape ? 1990 English
Labyrinth Hall Len Townsend 1986 English
Lenda da Gavea, A STOP Informatica 1987 Portuguese
Maldicao da Vila Sinistra, A Pisc Soft 1988 Portuguese
Manoir du Comte Frozarda, Le MBC Informatique 1988 French Map
Matagal ? ? Portuguese
Menphis Nemesis Informatica ? Portuguese
Mundo perdido da Terceira Dimensao, O CPU info 1987 Portuguese
Phantom's Revenge, The Temple Software 1982 English Map
Platoon ? 1987 Portuguese
Secret of Arendarvon Castle, The Addison-Wesley Publishers info, Omikron 1985 English Map
Single Extreme Freedom Tamas Tarnoczky 1994 English Map
Temple Curse, The Real Software 1985 English Map
To Preserve Quandic Prickly-Pear Software 1984 English Map, Hints
Treasure Island Mastertronic 1987 English
Village, The Budgie UK 1990 English Map
zoBITRONics inc, The ? 1984 English