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Eye of Bain, The

Artic Computing 1984

Adventure F
Simon Wadsworth info
C64/128 info, Spectrum
Fantasy, misc.
Adventure series [1: Planet of Death, 2: Inca Curse, 3: Ship of Doom, 4: Espionage Island, 5: Golden Apple, The, 6: Eye of Bain, The, 7: Ground Zero, 8: Robin Hood]
Entered by:
Gunness, Strident, THayes



In this game you play as the mighty warrior Tarl, who has been sent to the land of Alvania to recover a priceless treasure known as the Eye of Bain. After being caught by a tribe of the Alvanians at the start of the game, the aim is to recover the Eye of Bain from the serpent in the temple and then escape from Alvania.


This game appears to have been announced for the C64, but never released.

Simon wrote about the game on his, now archived, website:

This was a collaboration between myself as programmer, Ken Gosling - who supplied the story but whom I never met - and two graphic artists at Artic Computing responsible for drawing the pictures and translating them into instructions for a specially written display engine.

I am still proud of the programming in this game; it had full-screen location graphics akin to those of The Hobbit and featured proportionally spaced text - to my knowledge a first for a Spectrum adventure. It took a lot longer than the two weeks that The Golden Apple had taken and squeezed pretty much every last byte of the 48K available. I can still remember the headache that I had trying to devise an efficient - but acceptably fast - flood fill routine.

As you will be able to tell I did the graphics for the loading screen myself. The in-game location graphics were done by professionals.

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User Comments

Exemptus (16-08-2020 11:46)

A short but OK adventure, basically a sequence of "use the right object" segmented puzzles. This one is a typical example of constrained escape-from-prison beginning which stumps half the players while there is a trivial solution that can be immediately found, but vocabulary gets in the way of finding it. Infuriated a few reviewers back in the day.