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Golden Apple, The

Artic Computing 1983

Adventure E
Simon Wadsworth info
C64/128 info, Spectrum
Treasure hunt
Adventure series [1: Planet of Death, 2: Inca Curse, 3: Ship of Doom, 4: Espionage Island, 5: Golden Apple, The, 6: Eye of Bain, The, 7: Ground Zero, 8: Robin Hood]
Entered by:
Gunness, Strident, THayes



The aim in this game is to find thirteen treasures and store them in the mansion study. The final treasure to find is the golden apple, which can only be collected after all twelve of the other treasures have been found.


The game was written in two weeks.

On his, now archived website, Simon wrote:

Artic Computing had an established series of text adventures for the ZX81and ZX Spectrum which I had enjoyed playing. Having been involved with them prior to this game - they were the publisher of my arcade style games - I asked if they would be interested in a further adventure title. If I remember correctly the previous games in their series had been written by Richard Turner and the other director, whose name escapes me. By that time they were too busy running the company to spend much time coding and seemed keen to take me up on the suggestion.

I had learnt a lot more about machine code programming and felt confident about writing an entire adventure in Z80. Two weeks later I had finished and this game was the result. It was well received despite being a little too inspired by the games of Scott Adams. One reviewer commented something along the lines of "Well, if an infinite number of programmers write and infinite number of adventures…" after having typed SCORE and being rewarded with "You have stored 1 *treasure*. On a scale of 0 to 100 that rates: 8."

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Exemptus (13-09-2020 22:07)

Formulaic treasure hunt, but I enjoyed it more than I expected. The puzzles are surprisingly well-adjusted. Not bad.