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Treasure Island

River Software 1991

Jack A. Lockerby info
PAW info, STAC info
Amstrad CPC info, Atari ST, C64/128 info, Spectrum
Based on literature info, Pirates, Treasure hunt
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The plot of Treasure Island concerns the hunt for buried treasure on an island, appropriately named Treasure Island. Two rival groups are searching for the treasure, one consisting of pirates, led by Long John Silver and the other by Squire Trelawney and Doctor Livesey.

You, of course, play the part of Jim Hawkins, whose parents own the Admiral Benbow inn. Your father has not been well and your mother has taken him away for a rest cure; leaving you in sole charge of the inn. An old sea dog, named Billy Bones, comes to stay at the inn and promises to pay you a silver fourpenny piece every month to keep a good lookout for a dreaded seafaring man with one leg.

As it turns out, two men visit the inn looking for Billy, first Black Dog and then Pew. The former who has two fingers missing is chased off by Billy; but the latter, who is a repulsive blind man, gives Billy a 'Black Spot', a piratical summons, which brings on a fatal heart attack.

Realising that Pew would soon return with more pirates, you rush down to the village to summon help. Unfortunately, the villagers, scared of what the pirates might do, turn a deaf ear to your pleas. You seek out a boyhood friend and send him to fetch Mr. Dance and his revenue officers. You then return to the inn and decided to keep a lookout at the cover for your unwelcome visitors.


The Spectrum and Amstrad versions were written with PAW, whereas the ST version was written with STAC.

Although the screenshot shown of the Amstrad conversion states it was produced by Philip Reynolds for The Adventure Workshop, this port was originally sold by Anthony Collins' The Guild label. It's possible the title screen was adjusted when the CP/M version was later sold by The Adventure Workshop.

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