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Talisman: Challenging the Sands of Time

Penguin Software info 1987

Bruce Hoffman
Comprehend info
Amiga, PC info
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dave, Gunness, iamaran



Alarm! Alarm! Something evil hath entered into the Persian Empire! There are reports of crops withering; livestock dying in multitude; bizarre, unpredictable weather changes; and many other strange, mystical occurrences throughout the land. The king's favored magician, Schazabe, believed that an evil and powerful genie had been summoned to wreck such havoc. He ventured forth to locate the genie and unearth an ancient Talisman that he believed could be used to spell the being's destruction!

Over a year hath passed and the mystic hath vanished without a trace! As conditions grow worse with each passing day, Great King Darius hath proclaimed that another shalt seek the magician and rid the land of the evil by whatever means possible! As a lowly and dispensible prisoner of the King, ye art assigned this task. Succeed, and ye shalt win thy freedom . . . fail, and ye shalt bring about the fall of the empire!

Accompanied by the King's chief vizor, the strong but dim-witted Abu, thy journeys shalt lead thee through lush forests and barren deserts, up towering mountains and across vast oceans; into bustling bazaars and deserted ruins, and to splendid palaces and famished villages. This will not be an easy endeavor - suspense and danger will await thee at every turn as ye try to unfold the secrets of the land. Please realize that ye may even fight against magic itself, as ye quest for the magician, the genie and the mystical Talisman!

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User Comments

Denk (20-11-2021 15:41)

A VERY good game with location graphics that are often important to the game play, a pretty good parser and great puzzles (the closer you get to the end, the more complex are the puzzles). Even though Penguin Software/Polarware has made the game freely available on their website, the player should be aware of the original copy protection info that were in the feelies:

In the shop with the clerk, you will be asked for the following information:

First two letters of product number: cp
5-digit code: 65013
Card number: rj8906 ta3756 [note the space in the middle]

If you don't get all the information right, you will not be able to get a certain object much later in the game and then it cannot be completed.

This information is also given in the walkthrough, but you might see some spoilers while you are looking for that information.