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Four Symbols, The

Adventure Workshop, The info, FSF Adventures 1992

Grue, The info
Hatrack 2 info, PAW info, TADS
Amiga, Amstrad CPC info, Atari ST, PC info, Spectrum
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Alex, Dorothy, Gunness, Strident



Can you recover the Four Symbols?
Can you prove yourself innocent of witchcraft?
Will you curse the day you encountered the black cat?
Will you survive? Only time will tell as your wits are challenged to the utmost on this seemingly simple quest, but with a sting in its tail!


The game was originally written for the Amiga using HATRACK II. The later TADS version, for PC and ST, was enhanced with more messages and a larger vocabulary. The ending of the TADS version is slightly different.

The Spectrum version was converted by Larry Horsfield using the PAW. It exists as a two part game for 128K machines and a four part game for 48K machines.

The Amstrad CPM (PAWs) version was converted and published by The Adventure Workshop by Philip Reynolds; probably based on the database from the Spectrum release.

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User Comments

Canalboy (24-05-2021 17:35)

The black cat that you own and love? In the same description it says that the cat's owner is the palindromic Morgrom.

Strident (25-05-2021 05:56)

I'm guessing it's the owner of the hovel that is angry, because it's burnt down.

I think the synopsis was copied from either the game or an advert... so I'm blaming Geoff, the game's author, for any confusion. :)

Canalboy (25-05-2021 14:28)

That makes more sense. There is still nothing in the gameplay to suggest that the black cat is owned by the protagonist but maybe that has been left equivocal deliberately.

An impressive game so far despite the fact that you can be inside a closed coffin and still turn around and see the nightwatchman. The text dumps don't vary to match changes in the plot.

Canalboy (25-05-2021 15:39)

Ha, I have just realised that this is a sample version and can go no further. Oh well.....