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Colossal Adventure

Level 9 Computing info 1982

Mike Austin info, Nick Austin, Pete Austin info
Amiga, Amstrad CPC info, Amstrad PCW info, Apple II, Atari 400/800, Atari ST, BBC/Electron info, C64/128 info, Camputers Lynx info, Enterprise info, Macintosh, Memotech MTX info, MSX/MSX2, Nascom info, Oric/Atmos, PC info, Spectrum, ZX81
Fantasy, misc., Treasure hunt, Underground info
Jewels of Darkness [1: Colossal Adventure, 2: Adventure Quest, 3: Dungeon Adventure]
Colossal Caves [1: Colossal Cave Adventure, 2: Microsoft Adventure, 3: Pyramid 2000, 4: Adventure, 5: Advent, 6: Adventure, 7: Classic Adventure, 8: Original Adventure, The, 9: Adventure 1, 10: Colossal Adventure, 11: Adventure, 12: Adventure, 13: Colossal Cave Adventure, 14: Colossal Cave Adventure, 15: Serf's Tale, The, 16: Colossal Cave, 17: Adventure, 18: Aventura Original, La, 19: Colossal Cave Adventure, 20: Colossal Cave Adventure, 21: Adventure: A Modern Classic, 22: Colossal Cave, The, 23: Colossal Cave, 24: Treasure Adventure]
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ahope1, Alex, dave, Gunness, iamaran, Manuel Schulz, Starscream, Strident



Colossal Adventure is a complete, full-size version of the classic mainframe game "Adventure" with all the treasures, creatures, rooms and puzzles of the original. And we have added 70 bonus locations to the end game. No one else gives you this.


Colossal Adventure was Level 9's version of Crowther and Woods's original game. Due to A-Code's efficient text compression, Pete Austin et al managed to fit in a new 70-room finale, in which you must rescue a group of elves in a timed sequence.

The games in the series originally had various references to Tolkien's body of work and were therefore known as the Middle-Earth Trilogy. When it was re-released by Rainbird, all Tolkien references were dropped and the trilogy was retitled Jewels of Darkness.

On the Amstrad PCW, Apple II, and the 16-bit platforms, the game was only released as part of this trilogy. The Jewels of Darkness version had illustrations, whereas the original versions were text-only.

The release date for this adventure is often listed as 1983, but magazine advertising as early as August and September 1982 shows that the release date on the initial formats was 1982.

Colossal Adventure was originally released as a 16K game for the Nascom. In the early days of Level 9, both 16K and expanded 32K variants were released for the Nascom, BBC Micro, Spectrum, and ZX81. After the release of Dungeon Quest, the 16K versions were no longer sold.

The Nascom 16K & 32K versions of Colossal Adventure by Level 9 shouldn't be confused with the 16K & 32K versions of the much earlier Michael J. Evis/Syrtis Software game.

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