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Games - ALPS (14 results)

ALPS (Adventure Language Programming System) was an adventure creation system written by Philip Hawthorne for Alpine Software. It was originally coded for the Archimedes with a later port for the BBC/Electron. It was mostly used for public domain games, though a few commercial games were released.

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Title Publisher Year Language Documents
ALPS Demo Alpine Software 1995 English
Cops Alpine Software 1990 English Solution, Map, Clue sheet
Cyborg Alpine Software 1992 English
Darklands Archimedes World 1993 English Hints
Dreadnaught P. Woodhouse 1987 English
Dreamscape Adam Davis 1990 English
High Terror ? ? English
Kalkazor Max Palmer ? English
Kidnapped Gary Wass ? English
Mystery Mission Alpine Software ? English
Out For the Count Richard Forster ? English
Plague Planet Alpine Software 1988 English Clue sheet
Quest for the Pendragon Labyrinth Software 1989 English
Survivor Lynsoft info 1992 English