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Dragon Quest or a Twist in the Tail

Antic Software, Atari Program Exchange info 1983

Ed Churnside
BASIC info
Atari 400/800, PC info
Fantasy, misc., Magic, Medieval
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dave, Gunness, SDon78, Strident



Have you ever fallen down a well, been shot by an arrow, turned into a toad, and broiled by an angry dragon - all on the same day?

That's what happens when you're the chief character in DRAGON QUEST, a graphic adventure that transports you to a once-happy kingdom nestled in a pleasant wooded valley. There an enormous fire-breathing dragon has settled, attacking people and carrying them off. The peasants live in terror, the princess has vanished, and the king is offering a large reward!

Many perils await the adventurer who attempts this quest. The path is long and hard, sudden death the only reward for the unwary. At the end of the road is the final, inevitable confrontation between good and evil. Can you end the dragon's threat and free the land from oppression? Find out! Play Dragon quest and reap the rewards only a rich colourful adventure can offer. This game has been carefully designed and tested to give many hours of fun. Good luck and good hunting!


Originally listed on CASA with a 1985 release date; the game appears in the APX (Atari Program Exchange) Winter 83/84 catalog, which would give a release date for the original version of the game of (at least as early as) 1983.

The author, Ed Churnside, produced a toolkit and library for producing similar games, released as The Dragon's Tail by Antic Magazine.

This game was ported to the PC by the original author in 2000, but is apparently no longer available online.

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User Comments

Garry (20-01-2021 10:05)

I played the original APX version. It is one of my favourite Atari adventures of all time and, believe me, it really does have a 'twist in the tale'.