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Bug-Byte Software 1988

Search for Terrestrial Intelligence
Roy Stead
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Humour, Science fiction
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Gunness, WhenIWasCruel



The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog. Perhaps this could be a valid reason for the large population increase in Quick Brown Foxes.

It seems that, since the invention of the typewriter, a large amount of this activity has been going on. The super-computer however, precipitated quite a different sort of event. Rather than providing a plurality of small, reddish brown mammals for people dressed in red, sitting on horses and sloshing champagne around the countryside to chase, Aroc, (the world's first super-computer, built by a company called - rather confusingly - Aroc) has created, if indirectly, a situation in which there is the potential for the first inter-planetary war in human history.

This was no ordinary situation. Following the unprovoked attack by an alien entity calling itself 'The Wizard of Aussie', Aroc has become near- cataleptic and, in accordance with its programming, has erected a complex series of defences about itself.

These defences take the form of a series of puzzles which - the computer reasons - only the repairperson will be able to circumnavigate. Unfortunately, Aroc reckoned without a vast improbability field which just happened to be drifting through space nearby as the defences were set up. This caused the very nature of the problems to alter spontaneously and the solutions to these new problems also appeared at the very same instant.

"Tell you what," bespake the Boss, in a suspiciously friendly manner, "how do you fancy the Aroc repair job?"

"No way! That's a suicide mission! I'm not doing it. Wild horses with hiccups couldn't drag me out there!" I responded, positively.

"How about a pay rise?"

On the plane en route to Aroc is where I find myself at the moment. A briefcase beside me contains tools essential to the task ahead of me. It clicks. It's locked! The responsible improbability field drifts nonchalently out of the plane. I'm in trouble!

Aroc has set up a field about itself which will analyse your possessions and only allow you through to part two of the game if you are carrying the objects which Aroc considers necessary for the solution to the problems therein.

Part one therefore is concerned with assembling the objects required to pass through the barrier ... and then to locate the barrier and pass through it!

Part two is up to you ....

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