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Monster Rally

Norell Data Systems info 1983

Dian Crayne info
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Can you survive Monster Rally? Visit the strange little town of Arnheim and find out. Wander through nearly three hundred rooms filled with excitement, fun, danger.


This is one of several adventures written by Dian Crayne. Dian's games were originally published by Norell Data Systems. Her article, on writing adventure games, appeared in PC magazine, Volume 2 Number 4, September 1983, pp.266-276

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User Comments

Canalboy (05-01-2024 13:18)

I stumbled across this game on Charles A. Crayne's old web site at

The file name is

It seems to have been written solely (or at least partly) by himself.

There is a manual included which he penned on 22nd June 2006, that is 23 years after the original game was written.

Exemptus (07-07-2024 21:21)

The game is the longest of all the series (exactly 258 rooms) but too buggy for comfort, which results in a below-5 rating for me. It *can* be completed, but it is touchy. Plenty of puzzles, mazes, and treasures to gather, but the only known implementation at this time is a beta version, and it shows. It is not particularly difficult in terms of problems, though the random quirks can tax the player's patience.

Canalboy (08-07-2024 09:38)

I uploaded the map of Monster Rally and the game many months ago. It is still queued together with a veritable caravanserai of other files.